Milagres College is an Institution that has positively shaped the lives of those who have entered its portals. Milagres Alumni Association fosters the relationship between the alumni and alma mater. It bridges the gap between the former students and the institute to keep them in touch with the present growth, development and also the challenges faced by the institution. The Alumni of Milagres are spread across the globe, holding positions of eminence. They are among our Alumni leaders of industry, education, business, professional fields, academics etc.   Milagres Alumni Association takes part in the activities of the Alumni and plays a significant role in institution building.  Milagres Alumni contribute to the growth of the institution by rendering their support and guidance. The alumni involve themselves not only in academic growth but also through various activities pertaining to cultural fests, NSS, NCC, blood donation and other extension work. The Alumnus share how they developed themselves under the shade of this great Institution and blossomed themselves from the foundation received from this College whenever they visit the college or partake in any programmes of the institution like Annual College Day Function, Independence Day Celebration, Republicday. The Departments also invite their outstanding Alumni for interactive sessions with the students which inspire the students and expose them to the opportunities in different walks of life The Theme of the Alumni Association is BACK TO CAMPUS. The Alumni Association is a link between the past and present students to keep the bond with the Alma Mater alive.

The Alumni Association of Milagres College was conceived at an informal get-together of 18 former students of the college on 14 December 2002 under the able guidance of Rev. Fr. Valerian Mendonca, the then Principal. The get-together was inaugurated by our former Correspondent, Very Rev Fr. Xavier Pinto. Former students Rev. Fr. Dennis D’Sa and Mrs. Janaki M were the Chief Guests. It was followed by the first Executive Meeting Committee Meeting on 10th March, 2003. The first office bearers were: –

Honorary President                 – Fr. Valerian Mendonca

President                                 – Rev. Father Denis D’Sa, Director Sandesha Academy

Vice Presidents                       – Smt. Janaki M and Shri Boniface D’Souza

Secretary                                 – Dr. Neri Cornelio

Joint Secretary                      – Smt. Susheela Rai

Treasurer                                 – Sri. Augustine Dias

Staff Advisor                          – Smt. Sophia Dias

Executive Committee Member- Sri. Allen Vinay Lewis

About 63 old students registered their names in the Alumni Association. The First General Body meeting of Milagres College Alumni Association was held on 31st July 2004

The Alumni Association provides financial assistance every year to

  • Various programs organized by the various Departments and Associations of the College.
  • Mid-Day Meals.
  • College Magazine.
  • Inter-Collegiate Competitions.
  • NSS Camps, various Sports activities and tournaments.
  • Sponsored college fees for poor students.

The Alumni Association in the Annual General Body meeting honours the

  • Retired Staff.
  • Rank Holders.
  • Alumni Achievers.
  • Student Achievers.
  • Staff Achievers.
  • Social Workers.

The efforts initiated by the Alumni-

  • Contribution to the MIRACLE Building
  • Contribution to the Golden Jubilee Education Fund Trust
  • Best Out Going Student Awards instituted by our Alumnus(Every Year)
  • Renovation of the Library
  • Sponsoring of Scholarships by Dubai Based Alumni
  • Renovation of the Chemistry Lab
  • MPL Tournament sponsored by Alumni
  • Sponsored by Installation of the Solar Energy System
  • Distribution of food kits to the needy during pandemic
  • Donation for Building House
  • Donation of a Computer to a BCA Student
  • Donation of Cleaning Kit to LVP School
  • Sponsored Open well by alumnus
  • Donation for the development and moulding of sportsmen in the college by alumnus
  • The golden jubilee celebration marked an important link between institute and alumni to take up new initiatives to meet the new challenges

 Alumni Association (R) Committee Members 





Fr. Dennis D’Sa

Dr Nery Cornelio

Mr. Augustine Dias

2003-2004 to 2004-2005

Mr. Srinivas Bhat

Dr Nery Cornelio

Mr. Augustine Dias

2005-2006 to 2007-2008

Mr William Mark Lewis

Dr Nery Cornelio

Mr. Augustine Dias


Mr. Boniface D’Souza

Dr Nery Cornelio

Mr. Augustine Dias

2009-2010 to 2010-2011

Mr. Allen Lewis

Mrs. Sophia Dias

Mr. Augustine Dias

2011-2012 to 2016-2017

Mr. Salvadore Noronha

Mrs. Sophia Dias

Mr. Joachim DSouza

2017-2018 to 2019-2020

Mr. Shekar Gujjarbettu

Mrs. Sophia Dias

Mr. Joachim DSouza

2020-2021 to date