Mr Wilson


My name is Wislon Basil D’sa, Alumni Milagres College 1985-1988 B.Com Batch, residing in Dubai, UAE since 1989.

I would like to give my success credit to Milagres College, which did not focus on allowing first-class or ranking students rather they got the best out of underperforming students.   It’s not only about education but rather complete package like Sports, Public Speaking, Field Trips, and other various cultural activities.  Also, we had few amazing lecturers who touched most of the student’s hearts, if I have to name a few they are  Late Mr.Augustin Dias, Hilda Madam and Mary Madam who are retired now.  They never focused so much on achieving percentage instead they have raised good humans.

After working for 7 years in Dubai, I started a Flooring company mostly wood flooring and we have carried out most of the landmark projects in the UAE successfully. Please visit our website  for more information.  We have created more than 1000 jobs in the region, now operating in Canada, Honkong, India and Dubai.

I could achieve this because of those skills I had within and carefully brushed by the intelligent management and lecturers of Milagres college.   This should be the exact work of the educational institution rather fill in too many external matters.

We have also offered campus recruitment along with our business community based out in Dubai.   We are mostly encouraging students who excel in sports.

We have the opportunity to give back to our college and Dr.Vincent Alva doing great job by gathering all the Alumni’s.

We wish good luck to our college and encourage this institute to develop further so that many would get benefit from the region.


Your sincerely
Wilson D’sa